APEX Utils - Universal Theme

This plug-in includes common actions related to the Universal Theme and user interaction. The individual dyamic actions are triggered by the buttons in the following demos. Take them for a spin!

Scroll To

Use this Dynamic Action to scroll to a region, or specify a jQuery selector for an arbitrary element.
It aligns the top of the target to the bottom of the breadcrumbs bar.
You can also specify the scroll duration.

Collapse/ Expand Menu

Say you have a very busy page, with lots of information. You can run the action "Navigation Menu - Collapse" on Page Load to so the end user doesn't have to do it manually. There is of course also the opposite action.

Toggle Nav Menu Nodes AutoCollapse

Try to expand the two Dummy Entry nodes in the navigation bar. You will see that by default only one can be expanded at a time.
If you wish for a different behavior, use this dynamic action to turn that feature off, and try again.
AutoCollapse Menu Nodes

Expand/ Collapse Menu Nodes

Use the following actions to expand/collapse the navigation menu parent nodes. In order to expand all parent nodes, the above AutoCollapse feature must be turned off beforehand, otherwise only the last parent entry will expand.

Expand/ Collapse Collapsible Region

Use the following actions if you wish to dynamically and declaratively expand & collapse a collapsible region. Unlike the native functionality in 19.1, this dynamic action also remembers the expanded state (if turned on).

Maximize/ Restore Maximizable Region

Maximizing & Minimizing a maximizable region can now also be done declaratively.

Configure Success Messages

By default, success messages do not auto-dismiss. If you wish for that behavior, use this dynamic action to set the auto-dismiss option on, given a custom delay.